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MacenWolf is a sourceport for Wolfenstein 3D (MAC), made by supervising chief serpens and his engine-tweaking slave Nexion in 2020. It is using Wolf4SDL as the basis with many additional adjustments and changes on top of it. Primary goal of the project is to get all Wolfenstein 3D mods made for Macintosh's 1st Encounter, 2nd Encounter, 3rd Encounter over to the Windows users.


The tools used to edit files for the DOS or Wolf4SDL versions are generally compatible. Additionally, MacenWolf supports several features through the gamedict.wl6 file, which can be edited by any text editor. For example, shading, game palettes, parallax sky or floor textures can be adjusted. As of of version 1.1 it features a simple config system and the ability to have a vswap as well as a sound folder per level. The config systems provides various commands which let the user adjust gameplay related content such as: HUD style, enemy attributes, player weapons, player health, projectiles, enemy rotations, 64x64 textures+sprites, billboard objects and many more.

While the config system doesn't come close to ECWolf's capabilities it offers plenty of aspects to be changed at a lower entry point, allowing newcomers to make changes without being required to learn more complex scripting.

Available mods[]

  • 1939
  • 2 Keys
  • 48 Hours
  • 621
  • A Madman
  • A Madman's Redemption
  • Amerika The Beautiful
  • Arean of Death
  • Arena of Death (by Laz Rojas)
  • Astrostein (MacWolf)
  • Astrostein 2
  • Astrostein 3
  • Ayapen
  • Ayapenmania
  • Battle for New York Deluxe
  • Bin Ladenstein
  • Bin Ladenstein 2
  • Bin's Hole (In The Ground)
  • Chalet
  • Death Before Dishonor
  • Death Row
  • Demon Warrior
  • Eucleidean Labrynth
  • Halten Sie!
  • Hard
  • Hard Game
  • Hell Wolfenstein
  • Hitler's Graveyard
  • Hitler's Hell
  • In The Wolves' Lair
  • Kamen Riderstein
  • Kampfhenne de Fuhrer
  • Little Schabbs of Horror
  • Machine Gun World
  • Maze
  • Munchkinstein
  • Mutants' Lair
  • Nex's Configs
  • Palm Sunday at the Reich
  • prizon brakeout
  • Pussenbootzenstein (Demo)
  • Robertstein
  • Simon's Level Collection (First Encounter)
  • Simon's Pak
  • Smurfenstein 3D
  • South/East Trick
  • Spring Has Sprung
  • Springtime for Hitler
  • Strangestein
  • Strangestein 2
  • The Haunted Castle
  • The Hell to Heaven
  • The Search for Osama
  • The Spear of Longinus
  • von Ribbentrop's Tea Party
  • Waffenfabrik
  • Wolf Carnage Tour
  • Wolfenstein Adventures

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