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Original Machine Gun

Mission Packs Machine Gun

The Machine Gun (or sometimes Submachine Gun or Small Gun) is the first collectible weapon in the Wolfenstein 3D family of games. It can either be found on the ground or on the corpses of freshly slain SS. Picking up a Machine Gun gives the player 6 bullets. It can continuously automatically fire but is also effective as a single shot weapon with a faster rate of semiautomatic fire than the pistol.


The Machine Gun is perhaps the most well rounded weapon in the Wolfenstein 3D family of games. It's very effective at crowd control if the player can master fast aiming, enough so that a particularly skilled player can round up 4 enemies in a flinch lock at a time. It's even effective enough that it's a viable tool for taking on a boss if you don't have a chaingun handy.

Some players may choose to use the Machine Gun even if they already have a chaingun handy due to its versatility and more manageable ammo consumption rate.

If a player starts with only the pistol, knowing where an SS may be in the map can be a means of quickly finding a Machine Gun, which should allow the player to deal with any threat with much greater ease and confidence.


  • If the player already has a Machine Gun then the SS enemies will drop a used clip instead. This makes the return on ammo from fighting an SS drop from 6 bullets to 4.
  • While the original Machine Gun doesn't seem to be modeled on any weapon in particular (most closely resembling a Schmeisser MP-40 but featuring inconsistencies in design such as magazine placement, metal color, and body dimensions) the Machine Gun from the Mission Packs very closely resembles a Sturmgewehr 44, one of the very first successful assault rifles ever mass produced for battle.