Mansion X was a Spear of Destiny project, made by Ryan de Haast. Announced in 2005, a title screen was posted - and later changed - and this proved to be the only updates on the mod, though de Haast mentioned in passing years that the mod would still be finished at some point in time.

The mod also had its own designated site at Haasboy Software.

The mod was a horror based mod, with a list of features listed on its ModDB page:

  • Spear of Destiny engine,
  • 15 New levels,
  • New enemies and bosses,
  • New pallette,
  • Full Screen mode,
  • Entirely new menu,
  • New character (No more B.J.),
  • All new weapons,
  • Multiple floor and ceiling textures,
  • Improved enemy AI,
  • And many many many more features....

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