Map Set 7 is a map set for shareware Wolfenstein, hosted by Colonel Bill. Originally available on his website, it was made available on the Dome at a later date.

Authorship is disputed, as one level credits one Hellfire, and dates the set to 1994. The level design is also notably different from those of the other map sets, being large in size but not necessarily in detail, featuring an uneven dynamic in skill 1, 3 and 4 guards.

A likely candidate for authorship is Carlton Griffin, as the set featured as Episode 1 in his own contribution to his curated Wolfmaster map pack. Griffin's set was set A which featured 17 levels; this set and 7 new levels on Episode 2. In the Read Me, Griffin alludes to the fact that he made 17 levels from scratch.

A map set, it is playable in SDL.

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Download Map Set 7 at Colonel Bill's Wolfenstein 3D Page

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