Map of the Month September 2007 is the fourth edition of the then-monthly mapping contest held on Die Hard Wolfers community. Coordinated by AReyeP, this edition involved 8 maps made by eight different authors. AReyeP's winning streak was broken by Arielus, who inched right in front of Lozer_42 (2nd place) and Ryan de Haast (placed 3rd).

Rules Edit

The coordinator's task, other than preparing the editing package, was to accept submissions from mappers and post a thread with an appropriate poll. Only one submission per person was allowed until February 2008, when multiple map submissions per author were made possible. Once posted, every member of the community was allowed to cast their vote for three of their favorite maps. After a certain amount of time, the mappers' names were revealed, then the poll results published and everyone celebrated, rejoiced and engaged in insightful discussion.

Scorecard Edit

Place Map name Map author Number of votes
1 Line of Thought Arielus 9
2 A Twisted Throne Lozer 42 8
3 Adolf Me Not Haasboy 6
4 Little Surprise Ronwolf1705 5
4 Look Both Ways AReyeP 5
4 Seek'n'secure Serpens 5
5 Deathtrap Deja Vu BrotherTank 2
5 Fortress Rocketboy680 2

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