Mega Wolf is a shareware Wolfenstein 3D mod released in the first half of 1994 by Nanaki and OmegAkira. It features ten new maps, numerous new (and apparently fully original) textures and sprites (including enemy sprites), text documentation and a hint file. USA Rules, so have a nice day!


6/26/97 - NASA cruiser is successfully launched into space to discover the atmospheric change of Saturn. Scientists believe it might be possible to begin life there.

7/13/97 - Cruiser's communications are on the blink. No response. Our team is scanning our equipment for damages.

7/21/97 - No damages found. NASA believes cruiser lost the 1 out of millions of communication frequencies. Planning to send a secondary cruiser to find it.

Here's when the FBI came in. They got a hunch that NASA had more up their sleeves than just Saturn. So, B.J. goes for his 3rd metal of kick butt action, as he goes undercover as a crewman of the next cruiser launch.

After a month or so on the voyage, B.J. finds out that the course was way off from where the last cruiser 'got off the exit'! From that night on B.J. keeps a gun under his pillow!

A few days later, the huge cruiser landed on a HUGE ship, about 20 times bigger than any NASA cruiser known to time! As B.J. got out, the ship abandoned him on the ship, and drifted out to space. Staring quite STUPIDLY, you know something is going on. With no way to get back to land just yet, you go searching out beyond the docking bays...

tl;dr: aliens

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