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Mode Pack (aka Mod Pack) is, from what yours truly can gather, an attempt at creating a mod development kit for Wolfenstein 3D. Included, other than ten new levels and a significant number of code and audiovisual changes, are ChaosEdit definition files and a source code package.


1954. July 4. BJ is at home. But he found an old letter. He start to read and this stood in:

Once we will to win BJ! You only know this. But you aren't stronger than we. Therefore you can kill us because you have luck. Now you will not be lucky.

- Wrote:Nazis on September 4. 1945.

He thought to himself,that why he would not be lucky. They want to create stronger enemies? This will turn out. Good Luck BJ!


  • WSJ:Graphics,sounds
  • WLHack:Graphics
  • Wolf3DGuy:Code helps
  • Chris Chokan:Code helps 
  • ID Software:Graphics,sounds,musics and source code
  • Ripper:Wolf4GW
  • Other modders:Code tutorials,graphics,sounds,musics

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