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* [ The Wolfenstein 3D Dome News: MAR/APR 2010]
* [ The Wolfenstein 3D Dome News: MAR/APR 2010]
* [ DHW thread]
* [ DHW thread]
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Monster Bash 3D was a Wolfenstein 3D mod, announced by Ryan Steinbruner in September 2004.

Based on the 1993 sidescroller, the mod featured virtually all-new graphics and an impressive number of coding changes.

Numerous screenshots were posted, and though Steinbruner would take a leave of absence from the community, he returned briefly in the spring of 2010 and announced that the mod was still in development; however, this has proved to be his most recent update.


This 2005 screenshot featured an animated waterfall.

Sometime in mid-to-late 2005, the mod was re-cast using 128x128 high resolution graphics.

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