Munchkinstein is a scenario for the Mac version of Wolfenstein 3D created by Laz Rojas. It features new levels and graphics, particularly sprites from the PC version, that since they are not resized appear smaller than normal to create the illusion that the player is engaging in fire fights with small children which isn't a problematic premise at all. It was originally marketed and sold by WolfAddict Software before eventually becoming freeware.

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"A violently active, dominating, brutal youth - that is what I'm after.
Youth must be indifferent to pain..." -- Adolf Hitler

If recent rumors are true, Hitler has sunk to a new low. Allied intelligence reports claim the Nazi leader has commissioned the evil Dr. Schabbs to create an army of uberkinder -- superchildren -- and plans to unleash these young genetic mutations upon an unsuspecting Europe. Robbed of their innocence, hundreds of orphaned German children have been taken to a fortified castle high in the Bavarian Alps to be indoctrinated, trained, and genetically altered. Your mission is to infiltrate this castle, investigate, and put a stop to this fiendish project before its results can ever see the light of day.

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