One of the earliest, if not the earliest to add some actual sauce to the source code; Nate made a handful of mods in the late 1990's. Some of these featured new weapons with separate ammo, many new tiles, outside atmosphere (though primitive by today's standards) and increased health and ammo, which was groundbreaking in its day.

Sometimes stylized as Nayt, he would prove unpopular in some circles of the modding community due to personal beliefs and general language and tone. Such was the case with a handful of modders in the earliest days of the Wolfenstein modding community.

Despite this, it was Nate Smith who was responsible for the The Wolfenstein 3D Fan Club on Yahoo and he also ran his own site, The Wolf3D World.

His most popular mods were the Beyond Wolfenstein series, of which two volumes were made, including a special edition which contained particularly noteworthy coding changes.

Unfortunately, these caught the attention of id Software's Todd Hollenshead, resulting in a complete withdrawal of all Beyond Wolfenstein mods on February 3, 2001. This put the community on its toes, with some members ceasing all work on mods, and some members leaving the community completely.

Nate Smith left the scene shortly after, though his website continued to be updated through 2003.

Nate Smith pioneered pretty much what both WSJ and the Spear Resurrection/End of Destiny-type mods would go after in the future. Due to the mods' obscurity and Nate's no-show in many years now, this often gets forgotten.

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