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new30 is a map set for registered Wolfenstein made by Gary Ragland. It was his first set. The map set was released on November 27, 1997.

One sprite was changed in the VSWAP: Kitchen utensils #2 was replaced by the red ceiling light from Spear of Destiny. This VSWAP was in the possession of Poet, who had the set available on his site.

new30 features, as the title suggests, new levels for the first three episodes. However, levels 1-5 in Episode 4 can easily be played, as they are also finished. Certain unfinished levels appear in spots E4L8, E5L7 and E5L8, suggesting that Gary intended to make a full 60-level map set at one point.

E5L10 is in fact Spear of Destiny level 9. This level is also not playable, and was probably put in as a placeholder.

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