New Year's Eve is a New Year's-themed mod created by Officer-Michael John and TheKKKNo2 released mid-2018 (final version). Other than the usual collection of code changes and graphics, it features sixty six new maps, being one of the rare mods to have more than 60 floors. The mod comes with a source code package. In Readme1st text file you can find credits.

Three patches and an updated source code package were subsequently released over the next one and a half years.

Story Edit

1967 december 31.

Arnold Blazkowicz go to Nazis's party from New Year's Eve the occasion.

-Well merry yourself my cousin. (BJ Blazkowicz)

-Of course, I make a mistake counterparts. (Arnold Blazkowicz)

-Okay. Good Luck Arnold Blazkowicz! (BJ Blazkowicz)

External links Edit

  • Download (Mediafire and Dropbox): full version 1 2 first patch 1 2 second patch 1 2 final patch 1 2
  • Youtube videos: Protokol Cateko
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