Nurnberg, also known as Operation Nurnberg is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, made by Merijn Heijnen. It was released in August 1999.

The mod was only listed on Merijn Heijnen's own page, and was never uploaded on the Wolfenstein 3D Dome. A zip file was listed on August 14, 1999 and the mod was available for download for sometime (at least until 2005[1]) but has become obscure as it has never been re-uploaded and no archiving tool has managed to preserve the download. No EXE is included in the zip file.

The mod featured 11 levels, mainly tryouts, as it was still unfinished. The main outline of the mod is that it was based on actual people, including Hitler's closest associates in WWII.

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[1] Thomas Weiling acquired the mod sometime in 2005, using a few sounds from the project for an in-between project made around the same time as Nazi Operation. Edit

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