Wolfenstein 3D Wiki

Automatized map generating tool for DOOM and its related games by Andrew Apted. It supports Wolfenstein 3D in some older versions. Like Creator it spits out a random mess of maps which are generally frowned upon by the community due to lack of quality.

Support for Wolfenstein 3D got introduced with version 0.94 and got dropped after version 3.47. The process of creating maps is a bit finicky. Most versions seem to lack either the menu option to choose Wolf3D despite having support or simply crash trying to create maps. The only working version for Wolf3D on Windows seems to be 0.94 as of now. According to the author there is no desire to work on games like Wolfenstein 3D and Blakestone because they are too limited and cause him nausea when playing them.[1]

By default each secret level is created as a Pac-Man Ghosts map.

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