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Odds and Ends (also stylized Odds & Ends) is a mod made by Thomas Weiling. It used the same EXE as Time to Kill, which was based on registered Wolfenstein.

In the pipeline for a few months, the mod gathered together most of Thomas' contributions to other mods and map sets that had not yet appeared in his own projects. Created as a way not to lose track of these contributions, it featured the levels from the respective projects in a manner that played as a mod, featuring boss levels and secret levels.


Remaining contributions[]

Though Thomas did contribute to Map of the Month September 2007, his entry (Facing Hell) relied too heavily on coding that could not be inserted into the EXE of Time to Kill.

His entry to the John Bucksnort tribute anniversary, Beyond Mutantstein Special Edition - Anniversary Edition, would have been difficult to re-design and still be respectable.

A level made in early 2010 and sent to BrotherTank for a community mapping contest that never took off was attempted revived but Thomas never heard back.

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