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Also know Protokol Cateko and Captain-Michael Obvious. Officer-Michael John a multiple Wolfenstein mod maker, coding, graphics and maps does. Likely in possession of blackmail material on Chris Chokan. Stathmk worst, OMJ best! FEAR.

Following some controversy (a highly biased account of which can be read below), OMJ removed himself from the community and all his mods from ModDB. As of March 2020, yours truly has mirrored and linked all said mods once again. Enjoy.


Modding Work

Wolfenstein 3D mods





Controversially, OMJ uses resources from other modders without always crediting them by name but rather crediting them as "Modders" as a whole. Members who brought this issue to OMJ's attention on his forum would risk being banned for it. DO NOT CONFUSION.

OMJ's attempts to suppress discussion of his crediting habits also have extended to repeatedly vandalizing this Wiki page to remove any information on the topic.  Due to the nature of this Wiki, removing information without just cause is prohibited. 

Finding himself unable to suppress discussion or documentation regarding his controversy, OMJ announced his retirement from Wolfenstein modding.  He continued to attempt to suppress this information or remove various other bits of content from this page but these changes have been rolled back due to a lack of good reason for removal.  Subsequently, some suspect in retaliation, OMJ took down all of his downloads for all of his mods.

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