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Operation: Achtliebe is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, made by Possum Trot. It was released on December 20, 2004, only two weeks after his first mod, Abandon.

Originally conceived as Operation: Sturmabteilung with a slated release in Spring 2005 and announced on the Dome news on November 16, 2004, the mod was made in the spirit of John Bucksnort, using DOOM sprites and Spear of Destiny wall patches, but still delving into The Final Solution and Kristallnacht, much as Abandon had. Graphic resources were also found on the Image World.

As with Abandon, Possum Trot once again used WolfEdit as the primary graphics tool, resulting in a faulty officer sprite, as the Lost Episodes officer's frames did not sit well with WolfEdit.

The Read Me file contains a level guide that alludes to the fact that Possum Trot still envisioned his mods as having a seamless level flow although they did not.

The name of the mod has no meaning and roughly translates as "eight love".

Possum Trot had many projects going at the same time and had many ideas he wished to pursue. Operation: Achtliebe was one of many which, after a brisk progress, was put on the back burner as another idea took the spotlight: Project Wolfgeist.

As with Abandon, this mod plays with an episodic flow. Four full episodes were finished, and though Episode 5 is made unavailable as it has no starting point, two levels were finished. E5L2 was finished only hours before the mod was shipped off to Brian Lowe via e-mail for release as a demo (albeit containing 40 levels). It was released roughly two weeks after it had been deemed finished, but not released until December 20; as Brian Lowe had done with Abandon, he had made a custom EXE that fixed select bugs, added new ceiling colors and increased health and ammo options.

Together with Abandon, this mod was released in the same month that brought the community End of Destiny, and as such, interest was limited. Though it is a slight step up the ladder from Abandon, Possum Trot's map making still had a long way to go.

An SDL port was released on June 18, 2013. The two remaining episodes were initially planned to be finished, using the old Possum style of making roughly one episode in one day, but as this period was quite an inactive one for Thomas, this idea was abandoned.

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