Operation: Drehen is an ECWolf mod by Dunkelschwamm released in August of 2019.


The concept for Drehen first arose when Dunkelschwamm brainstormed with AstroCreep about various ways to push the ECWolf engine to do new, never-before-seen things that would rock the community. Dunkel then came up with an idea for how to create a cinematic experience within Wolfenstein 3D unlike anything previously released.


In-game screenshot

Immediately, Dunkel put all other projects and concerns on hold and, with Astro's advisory help, created Operation: Drehen exactly as he had envisioned it. Due to the ambitious goals of the mod the PK3 weighs in at 115 megabytes, perhaps the bulkiest Wolfenstein mod to date.


  • Dunkelschwamm did most of the actual work on the mod, including the graphical changes and coding.
  • Astrocreep was an advisor
  • The Sega Genesis port of the Terminator 2 Arcade Game's music is prominently featured.


As of its release, Operation: Drehen has been tested on and works on both ECWolf and LZWolf.

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