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Operation: Eisenkrieg is the fifteenth mod by Sandy. Initially released as a demo on September 10, 2004 a final version was released three weeks later.

Still basing his mods on works by WSJ, this time Sandy used the then-recent Coming of the Storm as his main inspiration. Other sprites are taken from Castle Totenkopf v1.2, the then-recent wall packs and the ROTT guards made by MajikMonkee and posted on the Image World.

The mod was based on Kyo Kusanagi's Assault on Germany; for a time, some people in the community often put Sandy and Kyo in the same category, as producing rushed, quick buck type mods with little regards to credits or testing.

This would prove to be Sandy's penultimate mod, having put out 15 mods over the course of roughly one year.

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