Operation: Elimination is a mod for registered Wolfenstein made by Kyle Albert. Made in 2003, it only received a wide release in August 2009.

The mod features a seamless level flow that includes 15 regular levels and 3 secret levels. A new mini-boss is added (chaingun guard), rocket sentries, and a variety of new sounds and graphics. The influence of BJ Rowan is, as with Kyle's other mods, quite obvious.


Initially, the mod was announced on May 5, 2002 as Operation: Murder Hitler, and a series of screenshots were posted.

On March 3, 2003 the mod was announced on the Dome in a series of screenshots and list of coding changes. Sadly this was its only activity before its 2009 release.

From obscurity to release

Kyle's coding skills improved quite a lot in 2003 and 2004, and being a fan of his older mods, Thomas Weiling asked Kyle to do the coding for his mod Project Wolfgeist. During this time, Thomas eventually got Kyle to send him the then-unreleased Operation: Elimination. At this time, early 2005, the mod had long been finished and remained unreleased simply because Kyle felt embarrassed about how old it felt compared to the scene now in awe of End of Destiny.

Thomas held on to the mod for a long time, and even e-mailed it to Brian Lowe later in 2005, but for some reason it was not posted on the Dome. In August 2009, after rediscovering it in his collection, Thomas finally got Brian to upload it on the Dome.

In early 2004, Kyle started to put together what would eventually become Operation: Todpfad. Perhaps this was also a contributing factor as to why Operation: Elimination got put on the backburner.

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