Operation: God Hand was a Wolfenstein 3D project, courtesy of Spiritblade-inc. It was announced on January 10, 2004.

Essentially a reboot of The Luftwaffe, which had been in the works since mid-2002, Operation: God Hand would see many various changes throughout 2004 and 2005 before being cancelled altogether.

Progress in 2004 Edit

Picking up from the ashes of The Luftwaffe, the mod had already numerous graphics, sounds and music chunks in place. These were re-used for Operation: God Hand, mostly.

Over the summer of 2004, Spiritblade-inc would suffer bouts of fatigue, with a handful of farewell posts and cancellations of the project taking place. On October 13, 2004, a number of wall textures from the project was released, which were used in a number of projects since, being of considerate quality.

Official relaunch in early 2005 Edit

On January 4, 2005 the project was officially kicked back into gear, and numerous updates were posted, including many new boss graphics. These showcased both Spiritblade-inc's skills as well as usage of the new palette. A ModDB page for the mod was likewise also initiated, which included a detailed storyline.

Project was steady until summer 2005, with an update being posted in November that year regarding Spiritblade-inc's loss of some of the material while fixing his hardware.

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