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Operation: Letzterschutz is a mod for registered Wolfenstein. It was made by Majik Monkee, assisted by a team of mappers and other artists.

It features 30 levels played in an episodic flow. The mod takes place in post-WWII South America on the trail of the Triumvirate, a Nazi organization.

The graphics and sounds conjure up a very unique atmosphere, with especially the jungle levels standing out. A distinct South American feel is also executed quite well in the mod.

In addition to Majik Monkee's own work on graphics, sounds and maps were the following:

  • WSJ contributed to the coding and a weapon sound.
  • Mr. Wolf contributed the South American enemy voices and the new set of enemies and weapons. This set of enemies would prove influential in years to come, and would be used in countless mods.

An SDL port was released on October 1, 2011 making it one of the first old mods to be converted. This was done by Andy Nonymous.

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