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Operation: Nazi Slayer is the second mod made by Orka for the LZWolf source port for Spear of Destiny. It contains 19 levels (+2 secret and 1 super secret level). Just like in Spear of Destiny the whole mod is a big continous mission. Has plenty of graphical changes, new weapons, new enemies, minibosses, custom made MIDI soundtracks (which got high quality remixes made by AstroCreep).

Story Edit

Ripped from the in-game manual:

"You served the country well, Blazkowicz. Unfortunately you are our only reliable men so we have to send you on this next mission. Have you ever heard about the 'Sceptre of Destruction'?"
"Sir! I haven't heard about it, sir!"
"Me neither... Anyway the nazis have stolen it and apparently we have to take it back or we will all die. They hid it somewhere in a secret laboratory complex around Fritzberg. We have heard that nazi scientists are making some sort of clones there. If that's true then maybe they are using this artifact for their sick experiments and that needs to be stopped at all costs or we won't stand a chance against these freaks."

Credits Edit

Ripped from the "ONS-credits.txt" file:

"AReyeP (iron cross wall texture patch, guard sprites/sounds, Waffen SS sounds, officer sprites/death sound, static object sprites), AstroCreep (high quality remixes of my tracks, title screen, release trailer, a super secret wall texture, super secret boss sounds), Captain J (akimbo mutant sprites [akimbo clone]), DoomJedi (rifle guard, scientist, Hauptarzt Monokel, Mutant Hiedler, Death Stroke sprites [Max von Bumsental]), Dunkelschwamm (stained glass walls of bosses from the original games [Max von Bumsental stained glass], random generated boss [Klaus Friedhof]), Executor (locked door textures, rifle code), Jayngoware (super secret walls), Mr Wolf (super secret guard, super secret weapon), Parafriction (laboratory walls, SS with an armband (? - could also be by Brian Lowe)), Spiritblade-Inc (Uberknight sprites), Turbo (rifle sprites), WSJ (weapon sprites/sounds, boss sounds, ambient sounds), Zach Higgins (super secret officer)
ID Software, Remedy Entertainment (secret enemy sounds from Max Payne (1 and 2)), Monolith Productions (super secret boss sounds from Shogo: M.A.D.), New World Computing (super secret boss attack sounds from Heroes of Might and Magic)
MIDI Music, super secret "SS", super secret boss, red wall textures made by me (Orka)"

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