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Featuring story and level design by Ronwolf, art by Doomjedi, programming from the talented Linuxwolf and WSJ, as well as new and original soundtrack by Lozer_42.

The story takes place after the events that occurred in Operation Eisenfaust: Origins and Operation: Eisenfaust. After Schabbs' demise, it was assumed that the Eisenfaust plans had been destroyed once and for all. But a former protégé of Schabbs has taken the blueprints of the operation and is attempting to restart it. It is up to special agent B.J. Blazkowicz to stop the Nazi's from creating another mutant army. Will B.J. stop them, or is he about to find out that the operation might have progressed a lot faster than he thought, with its effects far more devastating...

Legacy began right after the cancellation of SonderKommando Revolt, long before Operation Eisenfaust: Origins was even discussed. 4 years, this closely matches Sonder in development timescale. Initial ideas were taken from some ideas thrown in the discussion of the Eisenfaust: Origins remake but ended up growing into having a life of it's own. This is the first time Team RayCast has gone for all new sounds and music made specifically for the mod.


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As lead programmer I recall discussing the sound design for the mod, during its early stages, with other members of Team RayCast. Being a long time fan of the Thief series of games I wanted to use audio in a similar way to establish a sense of environment within the game. The team agreed to this direction and so I began working on a spatial sound propagation system for Legacy.

Later in development, however, Kris produced some brand new music specifically for Legacy. Since the music was so good, the team decided to put background music into all levels of the mod. Not only this, Kris produced additional tracks for boss fights and I enhanced the engine to change tracks on the fly during boss encounters. And I made sure the boss voices were audible by capping the volume of music tracks so as not to drown out the bosses.

All the while I finished building the spatial sound propagation system for Legacy and it was used primarily for ambiance and weather effects.

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