Operation Eisenfaust: Legacy Halloween Pack is a standalone "DLC" with four new, tough as nails levels with a Halloween theme across all of them, with various pumpkin decorations, candy items being counted for your score, along with some new enemies and ominous music, with two of them being covers of songs from Wolfenstein 3D.

Story?[edit | edit source]

Castle Hallowienerschnitzel is THE for the party of the year. With several important eggs in one basket, BJ decides to be the ultimate party pooper. Will he kick ass and make it a Halloween that shall never be forgotten?

Levels[edit | edit source]

1. Mechalomaniac[edit | edit source]

If the level name doesn't tip you off, prepare for a brutal starter map. Loads of mechs stomping around, that your only way to survive is to close them off with secret walls. Even Nazis on the outside of the catacombs will not hesitate to tear you to shreds. Keep moving & save.

2. Semiotics[edit | edit source]

I only have one helpful advice for you: DO NOT LEAVE THE MG42! Wizards might be a bit tough to deal with, but the SS Mutant army will be the biggest challenge for you without using the MG42, you'll be dry of health and resources in no time.

3. Lab Mouse[edit | edit source]

Well, this map starts with a banger, a huge amount of scientist with no syringes around, aside from those they drop. You better hope the RNG is good, because without the syringes, you'll die by toxic materials littered around the map, thankfully it's short. You also get to fight... Pumpkin Hitler?!

4. Fire & Skeletons[edit | edit source]

Let's see here... Flamethrower and Flamethrower Commandos? Check. Lots of skeletons? Check. MG42 with Mutant Officers? Check. Lost souls with Hans Bones and Pumpkin Hitler? Check.

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