Operation Eisenfaust: Legacy New Year's Even Pack is a standalone "DLC" with three, tough as nails levels with a Winter/Christmas theme across all of them, with Christmas decorations like candy canes and socks, presents (called Tomes for some reason) being counted for your score, along with some new enemies and Christmas music, with three of them being covers of songs from Wolfenstein 3D, two of which are carried over from the Halloween Pack.


BJ is sent on a special mission to a Nazi occupied village Geschenkdorf to rescue an undercover agent, Flint Verdopel.


1. Strike Out

A big, open forest arena, with loads of Nazis in Santa attire everywhere, snowmen throwing snowballs at you, and I'm pretty sure about SIX bosses across the map. You better not rush this, or you will pray to Jesus to no avail.

2. Fire & Ice

Two things, that shouldn't mix together, yet they do, with a rude wake-up call by eight Flamethrower Commandos. Much like the first level, you better not rush it, because this level is a MG42 galore.

3. Ice Road Mutants

You better take a stealth approach with this one, because there are a lot of mechs enemies can use, so destroying all of them is a top priority. You're on your own from here.


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