Operation Eisenfaust: Origins is a major mod for Spear of Destiny, made by Team Raycast. It was released on November 8, 2012.

The mod is built around the story behind original Wolfenstein 3D's, Episode 2: Operation Eisenfaust.

Storyline Edit

You are BJ Blazkowicz.

The Nazi's were slowly but surely losing the war, but rumours had it that the Nazi's were working on one final all or nothing tactic. A camp had been set up, but what had been taking place at that camp was unknown at the time. Infamous Nazi doctors had been seen entering the camp, but the how and why were still a mystery.

A spy hardly ever gets a break, and the same goes for BJ. You had hooked up with the Underground after defeating Hans Grosse, where you were informed about Dr. Schabbs and his 'Operation Eisenfaust'. The camp was linked to the operation; it was rumoured that it was here that the experiments took place. You were sent in for investigation.

But something went wrong and you were caught. You got confirmation that experiments had been taking place, for you were to become a test subject very soon...

People involved Edit

Coding: AlumiuN, Havoc, LinuxWolf, Tricob, Andy

Mapping: RonWolf, Dean

Art: DoomJedi

Plot: RonWolf

Music: Tricob, Lozer_42, RonWolf

Additional help: Vermil, BrotherTank (Misc code taken from Bunker SDL Source)

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