Operation: Wasserstein is a mod for ECWolf, made by Lance. It was released on January 10, 2020.

Lance started modding in the mid-1990's and even had his own Wolfenstein 3D website. Operation Wasserstein was an early project, which never left the beta testing stage and was dormant for many years.

Eventually, Lance resurfaced, and with the popular ECWolf engine being in vogue, a new Operation Wasserstein was launched, still retaining many of its original ideas. Compared to most recent mods, many of the graphic and map design choices take root in late 1990's/early 2000's Wolfenstein 3D modding.

The mod itself takes on a storyline loosely based on the original game. In addition to a handful of new items, numerous new enemies appear, making for a tense and varied gameplay that is both difficult yet dynamic.

The player is taken through tunnels, castles and laboratories in all sorts of designs and atmospheres before confronting Reichsmarschall Wasser.


One of the new textures was a recolored stained glass texture first seen in the Lost Episodes. In the background, a sprite from an early alpha version of Wolfenstein 3D can be seen.


A gray/dark gray tile wall was also new to the mod. The recolored red wall (from blue) was also present on screenshots depicting the 1999 version.

Different versions Edit

Initially released on January 10, the mod was well received but eventually too many people found it too difficult, and as such an amended for difficulty version was released. Admittedly, too many traits of the classic late-1990's/early 2000's way of making mods were still present, including important areas behind pushwalls, larger amounts of enemies than what the ammo could hold, and so on. The most recent patch, v1.2, was released on January 31, 2020.

The first version initially took up a lot more space (122MB) than the amended version (57MB). The music featured is of notably higher quality than standard IMF's.

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