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Planet Nexion is a total conversion, made by Nexion. It was released a day after Absence on September 10, 2008.

The mod creates a unique atmosphere in that it is mainly in black and white and the fact that all graphics and sounds have been replaced. 5 levels are featured.

Coding changes include outside atmosphere, 3D directional sprites, a black hole generator and more.

Science fiction and space themes are present in the mod, with the mainly colorless gameplay being very tense and at times difficult.

The new music came from games such as Star Fox and Descent.

A standout in Wolf modding, the mod features no connection whatsoever to WWII, unlike most other Wolfenstein mods.


Planet J: Captain Buck Tanner and the Space Clowns from Hades was a joint venture between Nexion and Jayngo but ended up in the bin in the long run. It was planned to be a spin-off sequel with a more goofy and colorful take.

Legacy, unofficial ports and clones[]

Planet Nexion was released in the shadow of Absence and has been flying under the radar ever since. It received a few mixed reviews ranging from confused joy to unplayable eye cancer. Despite being relatively unknown to this day several indie developers from outside of the community have picked it up to exploit the concept and resources.

Interstellar (2017)[]

A rather shameless clone copying much of the game.[1] The demo was made by the use of the classic Wolf3D clone software, Raycast Game Maker (RGM), and shared among a RGM fan group on the Russian Facebook alternative VKontakte. [2]

Bad Vibes (2017)[]

Arcade mini-game by pfail (Patric Fallon), made in Unity for a 2017 game jam, sharing similarities in the overall theme and using the eye tentacle monster for the logo as well as ingame enemy. The Troll from Catacomb 3D makes also an appearance. Pfail claimed to not know the mod and the graphics being randomly found, free online assets. The game was featured in articles of the pseudo-journalist game sites PC Gamer and Kotaku. Despite having not the permission to sell the game is sold to this day anyways.

Planet Nexion for GZDoom (2020)[]

A Doom mod by cyber_cool attempting to bring the monsters and weapons to the Doom community. A beta version exists. [3]

As of 2021 none of those projects have been agreed on since no one has even tried to contact the author of Planet Nexion.

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