This page details the various past and present Wolfenstein 3D websites courtesy of Poet. Look out for ghosts.

Poet Software Edit

Poet Software is the most recent incarnation of Poet's home page. The part of the website relevant to Wolfenstein players is Games (apps), which provides information on A Doll's House, an 18-episode game based on the Wolfenstein 3D engine. Furthermore, the website has links to Poet's two other sites, as detailed below.

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Poet's New Site Edit

Poet's new site contains pages with information and downloads for his various mods, manuals for The Tower and Wolf-Extra III, some links, and Poet's level design tips.

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Poet's classical site Edit

Poet's old website contains, for the most part, similar information to his newer website, however, it sports a very pleasant retro layout combined with MIDI files playing in the background, and is thus clearly superior. Furthermore, Poet's old coding tutorials can still be found using the Wayback Machine.

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