Numerous ports of Wolfenstein 3D have been made over the years. With the source code release and the game being rather simple and small compared to newer games fans have also ported the game themselves. Many of those homemade ports have been abandoned as of now and are far from being complete.

Official Ports Edit

Fan-made Ports Edit

Some of the following ports have been made available on various systems.

There have been also a few homemade ports for other games based on the Wolfenstein 3D engine although not as numerous due to lack of popularity and late source releases.

Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold Edit

  • Amiga (Based on Reflection Keen)
  • BStone

Blake Stone: Planet Strike Edit

  • Amiga (Based on Reflection Keen)
  • Blakestone4SDL (Based on Wolf4SDL)
  • BStone

Rise of the Triad Edit

  • WinRott (For Windows)
  • WinRottGL (OpenGL)
  • icculus ROTT (aka SDLROTT)
  • ElOscuro
  • rottexpr

Super 3D Noah's Ark Edit

  • ECWolf (Based on Wolf4SDL. Available for: Win, Linux, Mac)
  • Reflection Keen (Dos Recreation. (Available for: Win, Linux, Mac)

Corridor 7 Edit

  • None

Operation Body Count Edit

  • None
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