The Prince of Persia TC is an upcoming Total Conversion by Dunkelschwamm made on the ECWolf Engine. Its aim is to create an experience completely different from anything previously developed as a Wolfenstein mod. To this end, the TC seeks to reimagine the game Prince of Persia as a first person experience, shifting focus from platforming to combat and puzzle solving.


Dunkelschwamm has set out the following goals for The Prince of Persia TC:

  1. One episode which reimagines every level of the original Prince of Persia game and their particular challenges.
  2. One episode packed with challenge maps for hardcore players to truly test their abilities.
  3. One episode full of bonus levels which do not necessarily adhere to any concrete theme and parodies or otherwise has fun with the rest of the mod's content.
  4. Release of a full and comprehensive editor's toolset to promote custom maps from the community- and, to that end, eventually an episode comprised of user submitted maps.
  5. An authentic and cohesive environment and gameplay style that stands out from previous Wolfenstein mods.
  6. Promote ECWolf as a sourceport to draw attention and support to its development.


The story of the Prince of Persia TC is the same as the original game it is reimagining: In the absence of the sultan, the only thing standing between the grand vizier Jaffar and the throne is the sultan's beautiful daughter.  Jaffar's solution is an ultimatum: the princess must either marry Jaffar within the hour or die.  However, deep in the dungeon the young man the princess loves is fighting to escape and save her from the wicked vizier.


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