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Project: Liftwaffe is a Wolfenstein 3D mod for SDL and it is Orka's seventh mod. It was released on 9th of April in 2024 and it features 5 levels with new graphics, new sounds, new music and some coding changes including increased ammo limit (300), new ammo type used by the chaingun's replacement which is called "Liftwaffe" and which also has double the damage than the other hitscan weapons, among other changes.


According to the author the mod was intended to be a joke mod and as such was supposed to be released on April Fool's day, due to a play on words - "Liftwaffe" instead of "Luftwaffe" - which becomes evident upon reaching Level 3. The whole map is built with textures designed to look like variations of the elevator texture from the base game. Level 4 also has the mod's strongest weapon called "Liftwaffe", which uses a different type of ammo displayed in place of the floor counter. Picking up such ammo for it displays an ingame message that refers to it as "floor ammo".

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