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Project: Omega is a mod for registered Wolfenstein made by Garjen Software.

It features 30 levels played in a custom EXE, still using an episodic flow. Some sprites and textures have been changed. Otherwise, the mod is more or less a map set, deeply rooted in classic Wolfenstein. Coding changes include an added third key and changed ceiling colors. The menu also has a Jukebox option.


An early beta surfaced on the Dome in either 2002 or early 2003 featuring an unfinished Episode 3. The files were dated to mid-2001. This particular beta can only play Episodes 2 & 3.

Initially discovered by Andy Nonymous in 2002, a 30-level version (the current version) was updated in July 2003 and released on the Dome in March 2004. This versions has a playable Episode 1, and in addition to the aforementioned coding changes, this version also includes level names shown on the Get Psyched! screen.

Although Garjen Software reappeared as Crane on DHW in 2008 and posted an update on the set, which included destructible objects, a timer and a slew of other coding changes, this only proved to be a brief visit. Since September 2008 no news have been heard on the project.

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