Project Vertilgung's Manouvre is a Wolfenstein 3D mod released by Officer-Michael John in late 2018. A spinoff of Projekt: Vertilgung, as with OMJ's other mods, it involves numerous notable graphic and coding changes to go with ten new levels. Includes source code.

A beta version was released earlier, in September 2017. Compared to the beta, the final version included a fleshed out gamemaps file, major VSWAP and VGAGRAPH changes and updated executables.

Story Edit

1950. november 25. BJ couldn't disable Hitler Clone attempt and so nazis could do Hitler Clone as real Hitler. He doesn't like this crazy plan. But he is in prison. Once only espaced and see a door. Opened the door and he found a hall. Now BJ is in Nazis' Castle. You need prevent finally the evil fight. Watchout! Nazis stronger as on old. They created robots and mutans. Good Luck BJ!

Credits Edit

  • WSJ (Wolf Skevos-Jones):Graphics,sounds
  • Wolf3DGuy:Graphics create helps to Me,code helps
  • Chris Chokan:Code helps 
  • Aryan Wolf:Code helps
  • ID Software:Graphics,sounds,musics and source code
  • Raven Software:Graphics
  • Ripper:Wolf4GW
  • Other modders:Code tutorials,graphics,sounds

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