Project: Weltuntergang is a mod for registered Wolfenstein made by Kuki. It was released on March 2, 2002.

The mod was notorious for using new graphics, textures and sounds. The coding was also pretty advanced for its time, including teleportation artifacts (disguised as ladders) and a motorbike. There was also a new weapon, a rifle. New enemy sprites featured, including officers that drove tanks, a guard using a rocket launcher and guards using machine guns in a kneeling position behind bags of sand. The mutant sprite was replaced by scientists, as certain episode carried a laboratory/nuclear weapon theme, similar to original Wolfenstein 3D's Episode 4.

The mod also utilized a unique status bar, and numerous new VGA graphics.

Some of the levels used outside atmosphere in a simple floor color tweak (no rain or textured floors or ceilings) similar to Spear Resurrection.

It follows an episodic flow, and features 10 levels in each episode, with one level being secret, as in original Wolfenstein 3D.

Initially posted in November 2001 in a beta version featuring only 20 levels on Kuki's website Wolfenstein 3D Wiecznie Zywy, screenshots were posted on the Dome. These featured graphics not in the final version of the mod, including a status bar.

SDL ports were attempted in 2012 (including ideas for a possible map contest for the eventual SDL port and source code release celebrating its 10th anniversary) and 2015, but Andy Nonymous and the possible beta testers could not get permission from Kuki to do so. Kuki eschewed violence after leaving the Wolf community in the mid-2000's and as such, none of his projects remain in current mod listings or in line for public SDL ports.


Early incarnation of Project: Weltuntergang. This particular screenshot was posted on the Dome news in January 2002. Note the status bar that did not make it to the final version.

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