Project: X Insurrection is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, made by Richter Belmont. It was released on March 31, 2019.

Work had begun on the mod as early as December 2010, and it was in the pipeline for almost a decade before seeing an early release. The release was quickly withdrawn and then reinstated, as the reaction towards some of mapping and the general expectations from Belmont of having a mod nearly a decade in the making were not met.

As with most other Belmont mods, high resolution was added, making for quite an immersive, modern-type gameplay. Coding features included more than 60 levels, 3D directional objects, including prison doors, parallax skies, outside atmosphere, multiple textured floors and ceilings, including animated floors, countless new weapons and enemies and an overall gameplay that differed greatly from average Wolfenstein mods.

66 levels are featured, slotted into six chapters, with 11 levels each. When the player starts a new chapter, it is possible to view the progress from the menu, along with a screenshot of the most recent spot where the game had been saved. This makes it one of the few Wolfenstein mods to contain more than 60 levels.

Sounds and music are placed externally in the game folder. Though the mod is quite massive, feature-heavy and more than adequate in the mapping department with 60+ levels, it is still a beta.

Trivia Edit

  • Project X Insurrection contains over 3500 sprites (Just over 300 of which are wall, floors and skies).
    • Many of these sprites are dedicated to weapons, some of which have upwards of 30 frames to their animations.
    • Some Wolfenstein enemies remain in the files, such as the pacman ghosts and Mecha-Hitler.

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