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The Quazampium Chronicles is a mod for shareware Wolfenstein, made by DasFoozGamez. Files date to March 2001, but the attached Read Me has an edit date of December 20, 2001.

The mod was never released via the Wolfenstein 3D Dome and was relatively obscure. Essentially a remix of an earlier DasFoozGamez project called The Garrett Game, the mod features 10 levels, a new title screen, and many new sprites and a host of textures otherwise not used in shareware Wolfenstein.

The brief storyline goes:

You are a space trooper dude. You must fight your way through the planet Zorbula until you reach the leader.  When you do its your job to kill it!

Sprites and enemies thus carry a vague space theme, all in a cartoon-like fashion.

It is one of relatively few shareware mods of its time that saw a significant effort in terms of VGA, Read Me and overall texture/sprite layout.

v5.3 (I Love Me)

A slightly later version, dated April 2001, featured a new set of graphics decorated with hearts and positive messages; otherwise the two mods are quite similar to each other.

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