Quest for the General is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, made by Thomas Weiling. Coding was made by Dean Horton. Originally made during the summer of 2006, it was released on September 11, 2007. At that time, it had been canceled, but Thomas advertised it in the Read Me for Castle Assault. People were free to send him an e-mail asking for the mod, and they would receive it. Eventually it was posted on the Dome.

Originally titled Fatface Returns (as announced on the Dome on August 22, 2006) the mod was made after the cancellation of Wolfram. It was renamed after Thomas discovered there were not many mods out there which started with the letter Q.

Even though Dean coded Wolfram and was disappointed it never got finished, he signed up to do the coding duties for Quest for the General which featured basic Hex editing.

Besides being on hiatus from All This & Wolf 3D, Thomas was also busy with making levels for a community map set on the DieHard Wolfers' forum which he himself had initiated in August 2006. These levels would later be slotted into Quest for the General. Four original levels were made for the mod, with the remainder of the levels being handpicked from the aforementioned community project and the withdrawn version of All This & Wolf 3D (v1.0). One level was also taken from the final 2007 version of All This & Wolf 3D, though at the time of Quest for the General's making, that level was out of the running order.

The storyline of Quest for the General follows a loose concept of a nascent underground Nazi organization in the heart of Germany in the early 1950's.

Thomas made level 1 inspired by ack after playing acktung! for the first time, and otherwise stuck to classic-oriented mapping for the remaining levels. Running out of steam after making 4 and getting back to All This & Wolf 3D, Quest for the General was quickly assembled on October 15, 2006 using bits and pieces from other mapping debris, but went unreleased for roughly a year, before being posted on September 11, 2007. At this point in time, Thomas and Dean were busy with their next project, NovoWolf. Being used to releasing constant product, Thomas felt it necessary to release Quest for the General, though, by September 2007, it was of little use as most of the material had already come out in other mods or community projects.

Nevertheless, an SDL port was released on July 21, 2013. It was ported by Andy Nonymous.

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