ReWolfenstein 3D was a Half-Life 2 modification being worked on by Giskard_hun, Chrissstrahl, delovoy, and a number of additional contributors (including Dunkelschwamm, who contributed a smattering of maps) before the project went inactive sometime in 2014. The goal was to recreate all of Wolfenstein 3D as a cooperative Source-engine game with adjustments to take advantage of Half-Life 2's features (such as physics props, ragdoll corpses, and explosive barrels) as well as several additions intended to spice up the gameplay and create new opportunities for additional levels to be added (which would have featured multi-story level layouts and new enemy types).

After the mod went inactive, all downloads for the in-progress version of the game were taken off of the MODDB page. However, the page was never archived and Giskard_hun still occasionally replies to comments on the page.


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