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Red Sunrise is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, made by Michael Kalous. It was released on February 24, 2005.

It features 60 new levels, most of which are very large in size. Some levels are slightly smaller than others, and some are sparsely decorated while others are more detailed. Levels of the three first episodes are simplistic, while the three remaining episodes use more elaborate level design schemes and decorations.

It features a particularly grueling boss level on Episode 6.

VGA files followed, but these files adhere to the Apogee version. As such, a download was presented both with and without the VGA files. Still, audio files and the EXE was not included.

An earlier creation date is most likely, as the VSWAP dates to 2004. Also, the day after its release, the author put out a set for Spear of Destiny, Dunkelburg.

The mod was re-released as a complete package based on the WolfSDL engine in 2018 with minor map changes.

Author's Editorial[]

This is my very first mod that I decided to create when I discovered the very existence of MAPEDIT around 2004 when I was 20. For me, being a passionate player of Wolf3D and SoD since 1996, opportunity to create maps was like a living my dream. The first two episodes reflect the fact that I was an inexperienced mapper, so the maps somehow lack polish or consistency, but I love them most. Since E2L8, the maps are much better. That came with some experience and I've got myself familiar with the basic guidelines for mapping. In 2018, I've decided to re-release the mod with WolfSDL, so one can play it with modern machine.

I consider the following maps to be the best: E1L2 ,E2L4, E2L8, E3L2, E3L4, E4L5, E4L8, E5L1, E5L6, E6L6, E6L7.

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