Reinstaad is the seventh mod made by Bobby Bucksnort. A demo was released on December 23, 2001. This demo featured 3 levels, and all of them were unique to the demo and not found in the final version. Its opening level was a based upon John Bucksnort's opening level for he and Little Snabes' project Robocop 4 Beta.

The demo used a custom EXE based on registered Wolfenstein.

The full version was released on June 4, 2002. This version featured 11 brand new levels and used the Spear of Destiny EXE.


The final version used many modified sprites, some not found in other mods, e.g. lamp/fan designs and bed design.

The spear sprite was replaced by a Wimp Exit, which when walked into the player is transported to an unwinnable level filled with Übermutant bosses.

SDL ports were released for both the demo as well as the full version, as they are essentially two different mods. The ports were released on February 22 and March 2, 2013 respectively.

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