Rest in Peace John Bucksnort Tribute mod is, as can be inferred from the title, a mod dedicated to the memory of the Mutant Maker, John Bucksnort. It was released in November 2018 by Officer-Michael John and features 10 (8 + 2 secret) new levels with heavily Bucksnort-ish graphics and atmosphere, as well as some coding changes. Source code included.

There was a beta version released a year prior, Novermber 2017. It only included five new maps and and far less ambitious changes overall.

Story Edit

2001. september 12. When he released last Spear mod and with some day later he died. But resurrect as BJ in Wolf 3D's world what he created and sees,that need to kill enemies. Good Luck!

Credits Edit

This mod use John Bucksnort's things. But I give credits.

  • Chris Chokan:Code helps
  • ID Software:Graphics,sounds,musics and source code
  • Ripper:Wolf4GW
  • Capstone:Operation Body Count graphics,sounds
  • Other modders:Code tutorials

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