Return of Doctor Schabbs is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, released on June 3, 2000. It was made by Scott Croneberger and is the author's only mod.

The mod was released in the wake of Schabbs 2000 and various mods by John Bucksnort, and their influence can somewhat be felt in the mod. Level design is hectic and cluttered, and there is a maze-based middle section. Level 11 borrows ideas from Schabbs 2000's level 19, using sheltered mutants opening doors as to create a constant noise.

The most recent release of the mod was in June 2000, where it was labeled as being beta 2. The mod cannot be finished, as the final elevator on level 22 leads to a blank level.

Throughout 2000 various updates would be posted on Croneberger's own site, and allegedly a 42-level version was finished. Sadly this was never submitted to the Dome.

The mod features unique graphics, including a status bar and a guard based on a DOOM actor. It is only available in DOS.

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