Return to Danger Graphics Mod is a graphics mod for the first Spear of Destiny mission pack, Return to Danger. Released in August of 2019 by ReddimusVonAggrevatii, it features graphical improvements and corrections in various areas of the game, boosting the overall user experience. The changes include:

  • Treasures 
  • Replaced the giant 1up pill with a giant Health pack, because why not? 
  • The green floor lamp 
  • The table with a flask on it 
  • The vase with a brown fern in it (minor change) 
  • The spear icon on the High Score screen and the spear pointer on the menu 
  • The ammo box 
  • Replaced the BJ was here Easter egg 
  • Changed the Godmode face to yet another Easter egg 
  • Recolored the DEMO text and Deathcam text (Yes, I know there's no Deathcam in SoD) 
  • The weapon icons in the lower right side of the screen 
  • The Spear 
  • The chain-gun 
  • The Graphics of BJ holding his pistol and chain-gun

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