Also known as Moritz Kroll, Ripper is a programmer and coder and the brainchild behind many important inventions in the world of Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny modding, most notably Wolf4GW and Wolf4SDL, which, starting in the late 2000's became the most popular way to experience Wolfenstein, as no DOS emulation was required.

Ripper was the main man of Chaos Software, which starting in 2000 released numerous editors and showcases for their own engine, which includes the first outside atmosphere, featuring a full moon and rain, as early as the fall of 2001. Ripper also contributed numerous tutorials, the features of which would come to dominate larger-scale mods such as End of Destiny, Orb of Dilaaria and even later major works such as the Team Raycast mods.

Shortly after Wolf4SDL's initial release in December 2007, for which Ripper garnered tremendous respect and success, he left the scene, having not been heard from since late 2008.

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