Rise of the Robots was a mod that was announced by Wolf3d_boy (aka Ryan Steinbruner) in January 2004.

Only a handful of screenshots were released, and these included using hot wires instead of guns, shooting targets and a handful of new graphics.


Target practice

New features were also listed. These included:

  • Slow opening doors that stay open til you close them.
  • Jet mode, for crazy speed.
  • Training level, for target practice.
  • Popups and help windows during the game.
  • The Readthis on the menu with an all new storyline with detailed pictures.
  • New fonts.
  • 4 new weapons: 2 remotes, a pistol, and a hand-made stun-gun.
  • 3 episodes: Rise of the Robots, Return of the robots, and Revenge of the Robots.
  • All new music made by me and my good ol' midi keyboard.
  • Robotic sound effects made with Cool Edit.
  • Animated, moving, 3D objects.
  • Talking humans and computers.
  • And a very cool idea of mine that has never been done before.

No further news were heard on the project.

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