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Santa Claws 3D is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, made by LynxJSA. It was finished in December 1994 but did not see wide availability before it was uploaded on the Wolfenstein 3D Dome almost twenty years later, in February 2012.

It was uploaded and posted on the Dome at a time when Brian Lowe was going through some health problems, so no further elaboration was posted on the mod other than that it was impressive for its time.

The mod may be the earliest to feature a new sign-on screen. As this mod was made in the days before the availability of the Wolfenstein 3D source code, all changes were made using Hex editing, which was scarcely used in 1994. In addition to the new sign-on screen, episode names have also been changed.

The mod features 10 levels and many changed graphics and sports a Christmas theme. Some sprites from DOOM have been incorporated, including a shotgun guard now an elf with a large green hat.

New levels can be found on Episode 1.

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