Schabbs (Brian Lowe) is a prolific Wolfenstein modder known for his classic maps, helpful attitude toward new modders, and the websites he maintained. Due to some health issues Schabbs is no longer active in the community. However, his contributions and influence is a permanent foundation for much of the modding community as we know it today.

Brian's websites, Mr. Lowe's WOLF 3~D Page and The Wolfenstein 3D Dome are two of the most influential sites in the history of the Wolfenstein 3D modding community. The former was crucial in the early days of Wolfenstein modding's presence on the internet as a site which provided links to the many, many individual modding websites hosted by individual modders, as well as download links for mods and utilities as they released. The Dome was a major site for chronicling the release and development of mods, the launch of new websites and forums, promote upcoming mods with screenshots or other promotional materials, and any other mod-related subject matter. It got to be such a cornerstone of the community that many modders would release their games solely by emailing them to Schabbs to be released through the Dome.

While this page houses a list of his major contributions, the fact that he would often offer small coding changes for young modders who were just starting out and all sorts of other various small contributions, it would be impossible to find all of the contributions he has made throughout his long career in the community.

Not to be confused with Doctor Schabbs, the second boss of Wolfenstein 3D.


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