Schabbs 7000 is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, made by Thomas Weiling. It was released in May 2006, not as a proper mod, but as a showcase for what was plainly an early version of Secrets of Offenbach.

The coding was done by Havoc. Level 1 was constructed immediately after receiving the first draft EXE.

It contains an opening level that did not make the final cut of Secrets of Offenbach. Levels 4 & 51 (secret) are unfinished. Levels 2 & 3 later became part of Secrets of Offenbach as released in July 2005.

The mod was discovered on a CD-R Thomas had lying around in late 2005, together with an even earlier incarnation, Giftkrieg, which used an EXE Thomas himself had taken stabs at programming, and a number of changed graphics.

It was named after Schabbs 2000, which in early 2005 was slowly becoming a favorite of Thomas' and a cornerstone for his future mapping inspiration.

Many graphics and sounds came from The Final Solution and the Image World, as well as Spear Resurrection, Operation Panzerschiff and Coming of the Storm.

It has never been ported to SDL and was never discussed to be so when Thomas' mods were ported in 2013. Removed from the Dome news on request from Thomas in October 2007, its download link is still available.

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Download Schabbs 7000 at The Wolfenstein 3D Dome

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